Veda Yoga Blocks Strap D Ring

Listed Price: $25.95

Reach your goals faster with this set of yoga blocks and strap Blocks and straps are essential tools in yoga, especially in the beginning if you’re not so flexible. The blocks and strap enable you to … Read more…

Yoga Wheel & Pose Guide by Mindful Yoga – Extra Strength, Eco-Friendly Stretching Prop, High quality Mat Material – Comfort & Safety in All Yoga Poses

The Mindful Yoga Wheel is the Essential Yoga Wheel Prop.Dimensions• Wheel Diameter: 12 in.• Wheel Width: 5 in.• Thickness: 3/4 in.Mindful Yoga Wheel is the ideal eco-friendly choice with fully i…


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Hugger Mugger Standard Yoga Bolster

Find your center quickly with the Hugger Mugger Standard Bolster. This yoga essential is made from cotton, foam, and a polyester blend to give you the perfect balance of comfort and strength as you ge…


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