Speedo Ergo Plugs Silver Size

Sale Price: $7.44

The updated Ergo Ear Plugs are ergonomically designed to offer the closest most secure fit possible. Made of high quality TPR, these are super comfortable and super easy to place in or out of your ea… Read more…

Fitian Waterproof Silicone Sports Swim Earplug for Swimming, Surfers, Swimmers and Other Water Athletes(blue)

nSwimming earplugs to suit the needs of casual swimmer, surfer or a competitor in the water arena n nSafe, doctor recommended swimming earplugs: nRepeated ear infections can permanently damage hearin…


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Dryears – Ear Dryer to Reduce Ear Canal Infection for Swimmer’s Ear

To USE: Insert the speculum tip into the ear opening and squeeze the bulb to inject a stream of air into the ear canal. If the air is not flowing freely into the ear canal, pull the tip back just far …


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