Crown Sporting Goods 4 Inch Extra

Sale Price: $25.15

If you need a comfortable surface for Pilates, Yoga or other floor exercises, this high-density foam mat is the solution. Unlike our competitors, our mat measures 15 mm thick, which is almost 3/4 Inch… Read more…

BONECO Warm or Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier 7147

The compact Ultrasonic Humidifier provide optimal humidification, both in the office and at home. An integrated hygrostat lets you set the desired humidity – the mist output therefore adjusts itself…


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Aurorae Synergy 5 mm Thick Yoga Mat; with integrated Microfiber Towel

Synergy Yoga Mat-Towel is our latest new development and US Patent Protected; This unique super deluxe Non Slip Yoga Mat-Towel, bonds our 5mm PER yoga mat with our lush, ultra absorbent Non Slip micro…


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